financing for condo conversions: IL

I have several investors who have or will be converting their multi-unit properties into condos. I need financing for the purchasers. Most of the buildings are 6-12 units, however, there is a 27 unit and 40 unit complex being rehabbed and converted. Majority of properties are 3-4 stories. 6 unit property that may be issue: low rise building (3 stories); each unit is <850 sq. feet; all are 2 bedroom; 1 bath. Complete rehab of interior and exterior, however. Looking at current and former tenants as prospective buyers. Any and all contacts; numbers and suggestions welcome. Sellers willing to assist with closing costs. Properties located in the western suburbs of Chicago and near South side of Chicago. Need fast turnaround. Each buyer will be pre-qualified prior to submission (in- file trimerge; proof of income and down payment, therefore, prospective loan parameters are needed.