Probation Period Can Create Problems In Getting Home Loan Approval

It is quite a hard thing for any employer to build the trust with a new employee. That’s why this employee is put on a period of probation unless necessary level of trust is reached. The length of probation is between three to six months depending on the employee and type of organization. During this period, it is very difficult to get the approval on the mortgage. So what are the reasons for that?

First of all, mortgage companies don’t consider a newly recruited employee to be reliable regardless his monthly income. This is because there is a possibility that he may be fired at any moment. Therefore, the mortgage company might not accept the application until the probation period for an employee comes to an end. As a rule the majority of companies don’t want to risk their funds. That is why they wait until the employee gets a permanent status.

If you have changed the job, applying for a mortgage can be useless as well because your profile cannot be considered as reliable. All you can do is try to establish your position on the new seat before applying for a loan. There are not so many companies that would take the risk and such companies are not so easily available. You can search for such companies and learn about their terms and provisions.

A lending company views all the existing conditions before accepting an application. If you don’t have a proof of your employment, it’s unlikely that you will be able to qualify for a loan. In such a situation, the mortgage company can lose all its funds. This is the main reason why mortgage companies don’t accept the applications if the employee is not permanent. They can reject the application even if the individual has a good salary.

Many lending companies don’t grant loans to permanent employees only. So if you have changed your job, you can look for a lending company which can offer this loan for you. However, it’s not very easy to find such companies. Consulting a mortgage advisor is also a good option in case you are still going through a probation period. Alternatively, look for similar companies and non-bank lenders who offer more flexible conditions. Lending companies incur losses when one of the borrowers that they are working with becomes a defaulter. The loss can cross all their profits.